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Cardinal Poster by Bebops

Colors thrill my soul and enrich my life! I decided to create a blog featuring a different color every day. Using my original photographs and designs I have created so many colorful products for my online store, Bebop's Place, and want to share them here. I am also constantly amazed at the fantastic rainbow of products available from the rest of the Zazzle community and plan to showcase some of them as well. I am hoping viewers, in discovering this blog, will enjoy and possibly purchase some of these lovely items.

Monday, April 18, 2016


This stunning collection features a contemporary abstract pattern of retro black and white squares on a variety of items to accentuate your home decor for the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room, bedroom and study.

This beautiful tote bag will dazzle you with gorgeous white gladiola flowers. The ruffled petals stand out against a black background. Perfect for gardeners and all flower lovers!

This product shows a black and white image of a boy and a girl holding hands as they walk on a beautiful trail in the forest. The text is a famous quote from Albert Camus on friendship.

This Samsung Galaxy S7 case presents tree reflections which create a shimmering abstract pattern on the pond in tones of black, white, silver and gray.

This poster features a 9th century Chinese poet and his sidekick in black and white. Han Shan, also known as Cold Mountain, stands with Pickup as they contemplate the universe. The text expresses the essence of his simple yet profound philosophy. It can be deleted if you prefer.

Inspired by the classic Edgar Allan Poe poem The Raven this gothic themed wall clock has a distressed effect background and ahorrifying black raven bird sitting perched upon three shrunken human skulls.

This elegant yet playful Maid of Honor wedding favor hip flask features an Asian motif of joyful dancing dragons in a simple color scheme of black and silver. Customize text for your special occasion.

Easily customize or remove the text on this iPhone 6 phone wallet case which features a black and white image of a solitary fisherman standing on a rock ledge at Seneca Lake in Geneva, New York. The text, by the Trancendentalist author, naturalist and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau, reads: Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. It is taken from Thoreau's famous book, Walden, which he wrote in Concord, Massachusetts about his life in the woods surrounding Walden Pond. It was published in 1854.

Floral black and white damask pattern gift wrap ready to use and decorate your packages in a sytlish and decorative way.

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