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Cardinal Poster by Bebops

Colors thrill my soul and enrich my life! I decided to create a blog featuring a different color every day. Using my original photographs and designs I have created so many colorful products for my online store, Bebop's Place, and want to share them here. I am also constantly amazed at the fantastic rainbow of products available from the rest of the Zazzle community and plan to showcase some of them as well. I am hoping viewers, in discovering this blog, will enjoy and possibly purchase some of these lovely items.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


A pile of just picked fiery red hot chili peppers are spread across this gallery wrap print, ready for drying, pickling or good cooking!

Here is a colorful t-shirt with a patchwork quilt design in rainbow colors and a textured look. Easily personalize or remove the text.

Poppies oil painting artwork by Zina Stromberg on Throw Blanket.

Identify your wine glass with this wine charm which is decorated with a bouquet of scarlet red tulips and green leaves set on a pure black background. Lovely for gardeners!

Celebrate autumn with this gorgeous OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S8 case. It features fall foliage colors of red, orange, yellow and brown on a black background.

These leggings have a red design on them.

This colorful outdoor pillow features a shiny green, yellow and black grasshopper perched on the purple center of a flower with gorgeous red petals.

Easily personalize or remove the front and inside text on this cute and joyful Father's Day card. It features a red monkey on the branch of a tree with green leaves.

Red Lipstick Illustration Pillowcase: Illustration. Female face. Red lipstick. Art by José Ricardo

Saturday, April 29, 2017


This gorgeous gallery wrap print features the view from the bottom of a very tall tulip tree looking way up to the top. The blue twilight sky creates an interesting lacy abstract effect of silhouetted trunk and branches. This huge old tree lives in Robert H. Treman State Park in Ithaca, New York.

This Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S8 case presents the male Hairy Woodpecker (Leuconotopicus villosus). This striking bird has black and white feathers and a red patch on the back of his head. He is often confused with the Downy Woodpecker but he is larger with a much longer beak. Here he is on a suet feeder against a lovely blue sky.

Add a touch of nature and whimsy to your coffee, tea, or favourite hot drink with this wildlife-themed mug! The perfect gift idea for bird lovers! A tiny Sanderling looks for a fine seafood dining experience on the shores of Boundary Bay Regional Park in mid-February 2017. Based on the original photography of W.H. Sim. All Rights Reserved.

Here is a great tank top. You can easily personalize or remove the text which presents an image of the Statue of Liberty and reads: We are a nation of immigrants.

This shower curtain features an amazing abstract pattern of blue bubbles and ice in a melting pond.

The product design features an adorable teddy bear holding a present. This animal toy design original children's cartoon makes a unique throw pillow for kids or nursery room - Pastel blue and yellow – Neutral baby shower gift idea.

This contemporary impressionistic abstract wireless keyboard creates a scene of peace and serenity in soft pastel colors with floating leaves and reflected sky Easily personalize or remove the text.

This patriotic baseball Father's Day card features red and white baseballs surrounded by a blue background. Easily customize the front and inside text for a special sports fan or remove entirely.

White Cross Blue Teardrop Stone Coaster: White Christian cross in a dark blue teardrop. Kind of a cool way to share your religious faith.

Friday, April 28, 2017


This contemporary impressionistic abstract wireless keyboard features an autumn sunset sky in orange, salmon, gold and brown. Easily personalize or remove the text.

Add a touch of autumn color to your life with this Autumn Mosaic Abstract collection. Coordinate your kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and bedroom with this choice of products.

This OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S8 case features the energy of fire in a wood burning stove. The orange, gold and yellow flames appear as joyful dancing characters. They are set off by a black background.

What could be lovelier than this guest book for a Quinceañera decorated with gorgeous yellow and orange sunflowers? Another sunflower is on the reverse. All text can be customized for your special occasion.

Beautiful Multicolored Patchwork Quilt Pattern Paper Plate

TEE Tru Dat Bumper Sticker

This USB charging station features a Great Blue Heron (ardea herodias) in black silhouette, fishing in the shallow waters of Cayuga Lake in Ithaca, NY which is one of the Finger Lakes of upstate New York. A beautiful orange, yellow and gold sunset colors the waves and ripples in an abstract pattern.

Easily customize the text on this rehearsal dinner wedding invitation. It features lovers in silhouette enjoying the sunset at a tropical beach. Orange, yellow and gold waves and ripples form an abstract pattern.

For green witches or the gardener who respects Mother Earth. The circled design is an old Art Nouveau image of green leaves and lush flowers. The text encircles the design reading, "Mother Earth teaches gardeners to be patient, strong, humble, joyful, forgiving and love." This makes a lovely gift for your Yule or Christmas tree.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


A pair of house finches perched on a branch adorn this lovely birthday party guest book. The male has red plumage on his head and breast. The female is tan and brown with stripes. Personalize the text for your special occasion.

Great Danes are domestic dogs also known as the Gentle Giant or German Mastiff. The wonderful pet on this OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S8 case is a gentle baby with faun colored yellow, gold and brown fur, black nose, floppy ears and sweet, soulful eyes. He is one of the world's tallest dog breeds.

Brown Faux Leather Suede and Metallic Gold Trim Fleece Tree Skirt

This soft, cuddly sports fleece blanket features brown and white footballs flying through the air. Easily personalize the text for a special sports fan or remove entirely. Customize the dark background to the color of your choice.

This Father's Day card features a sweet red squirrel in the fluffy white snow. More squirrels are inside. All text can be customized to suit your needs.

Several different cats are depicted on this "crazy cat lady" tank top.

Here is a gorgeous iPad Pro case featuring a sophisticated abstract image of dahlia petals in shades of beige, pink, black and white. These single flowers look like daisies. Wonderful for gardeners!

This assortment of products features a sharp-shinned hawk. Most have customizable text which reads Indivisible. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom so see all these great items.

This tie features cream, white, and brown diagonal stripes.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


This lovely birthday party guest book features a circular frame of pink roses in an abstract pattern surrounding a central pink gradient oval. The reverse has more roses. All text can be customized for your special occasion.

This floor mat presents a repeating pattern of an intricate abstract mandala image which resembles swirling satin fabric folds in luminous shades of wine, purple and pink.

Pink stars fantasy fairy baby girls bib design by Kristi W. Designs at

This pretty floral OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S8 case displays an exquisite pink water lily lotus flower resting on circular green lily pads. Luminous golden water reflections glow between the pads of this lovely pond. Terrific for gardeners!

This lovely wireless keyboard features an abstract pattern of pink poppy petals.

Australian Soccer Ball and Flag 2 Keychain

This sweet iPad Pro case features a lovely rosa rugosa blossom. The soft pink flower petals blend into the green and yellow pastel tones of the leafy background. This rose is a repeat bloomer, gracing our garden with her beauty all summer long. I have digitally enhanced my original photograph to create a watercolor effect. What a lovely gift idea for gardeners!

This pretty fabric design features a cute girly abstract geometric pattern of circles in colors of pink, purple, red and blue. Easily change the pink background color to suit your special project by customizing.

This precious pillow is the perfect way to commemorate your baby's birth. On the front the background is light pink with a darker pink inset and a white castle graphic. Below that is the phrase, "Let's Welcome Our Little Princess," and above the P in princess is a white crown. The back has a light pink background. Just add your own text and as much information as you would like. The front is set up for the baby's name and on the back there is a place for a name, birthday, and time of birth. This also makes a wonderful gift for the expecting moth

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


This elegant yet playful quinceañera guest book features an Asian motif of joyful dancing dragons in a simple color scheme of black and silver. Easily personalize the text for your special occasion.

Easily personalize or remove the text on this Samsung Galaxy S8 case which features a black and white image of a solitary fisherman standing on a rock ledge at Seneca Lake in Geneva, New York. The text reads: Gone fishin.

Black and White Shape Art Makeup Bag

This body pillow features a repeating abstract pattern of adorable African Penguins standing on a rocky ledge. They are aquatic, flightless birds whose wings have become flippers. Each has a black stripe and black spots on the chest. The pattern of spots is unique for every penguin, just like human fingerprints. They have pink glands above their eyes and pink and black feet.

This tote bag features an exquisite white narcissus and her name is Thalia.

Modern black and white damask pattern red leggings. The most part of this pair of leggings is covered with a damask pattern. A red band goes around it just below the waist and on each leg and black and white stripes on the top and at the bottom of it.

This contemporary abstract wireless keyboard features a repeating pattern of a black bicycle on a silver, gray and white metallic background. Easily personalize or remove the text.

This collection is inspired by the tragic shootings of black young people by police. All selections feature an abstract pattern of gold, red and black with the text: Black Lives Matter. Let's all peacefully work for justice in our communities. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see the whole range of products.

Black and White Graphic Paper Birch Trees Throw Pillow