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Cardinal Poster by Bebops

Colors thrill my soul and enrich my life! I decided to create a blog featuring a different color every day. Using my original photographs and designs I have created so many colorful products for my online store, Bebop's Place, and want to share them here. I am also constantly amazed at the fantastic rainbow of products available from the rest of the Zazzle community and plan to showcase some of them as well. I am hoping viewers, in discovering this blog, will enjoy and possibly purchase some of these lovely items.

Friday, March 31, 2017


A pile of just picked fiery red hot chili peppers are spread across this gallery wrap print, ready for drying, pickling or good cooking!

Red Purple Woven Image OtterBox Symmetry iPhone 7 Case This is a colorful abstract pattern of woven horizontal bands. The brilliant colors of red, purple, blue and black seem to glow. The image seems almost like a real weave but it is actually high-impact polycarbonate.

Red Poppy Flowers Beauty Salon Business Card. This eye catching business card, features a beautiful wildflowers / red poppies design. Great for a beauty salon, cosmetologist, nail bar, hair salon, beautician and other creative professionals.

This gorgeous birthday party guest book is decorated with a repeating abstract pattern of red roses on a pure black background. Lovely for gardeners! Easily personalize or remove the text.

Here is an adorable accent pillow featuring a sweet red monkey with a long curling tail on a tree branch surrounded by green leaves.

Red Flowers Pattern 24 oz. reuseable black water bottle. Customizable has a pretty red floral pattern.

This exquisite Mother's Day card features two brilliant red carnations set on a pearly white embossed brocade fabric background. Inside are two smaller blossoms. All text can be customized to suit your needs.

A bouquet of scarlet red tulip flowers and green leaves grace this gorgeous floral wedding invitations and accessories. Customize all text for your special occasion. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to view all the great products!

The product design features a white Japanese-style crane surrounded by Japanese symbols of good luck: plum blossoms, pine trees, and bamboo leaves. Cranes are the symbols of happiness, love, peace, and longevity. This traditional lucky bird design original illustration makes pretty and unique coasters for birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other celebration parties.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


This gorgeous gallery wrap print features the view from the bottom of a very tall tulip tree looking way up to the top. The blue twilight sky creates an interesting lacy abstract effect of silhouetted trunk and branches. This huge old tree lives in Robert H. Treman State Park in Ithaca, New York.

The safety pin has become a symbol of solidarity with refugees, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, people of color and any group who is feeling marginalized and has been the target of hate speech and racist attacks. Declare yourself an ally to these groups with this great Otterbox iPhone 7 case.

This mug features an original photograph of a killer whale, commonly known as an orca, done in stark blues and black. Great for any creature fan or killer whale lover!

Easily personalize or remove the text on this sweet birthday party guest book which features adorable African Penguins standing on a rocky ledge against a sky blue background. They are aquatic, flightless birds whose wings have become flippers. Each has a black stripe and black spots on the chest. The pattern of spots is unique for every penguin, just like human fingerprints.

This decorative pouf ottoman features a colorful floral abstract circular mandala pattern of luminous greens and blues, with just a hint of purple and magenta, swirling around a central flower with kaleidoscope movement.

It's a BOY nautical theme baby shower invitation featuring a teddy bear sailor and a sailboat in blue and white. You can customize, drag or delete text fields as well as change fonts and more (except for the "It's a BOY" text, which a stylized image). For all options, choose "customize it".

This collection of products presents an image of the Statue of Liberty. Most includes text which can be personalized or removed reading: We are a nation of immigrants.

This Mother's Day card features a cosmos flower reaching for the sky on a lovely summer day! The delicate pink and white petals are set against a background of blue sky and fluffy white clouds. Inside smaller blossoms are scattered on a soft pastel rainbow background. The text reads: Happy Mother's Day! Wishing you all the best on your special day. It can be customized to suit your needs or deleted entirely.

Floral themed tissue paper for all your gifting needs that features a photo image of lovely, blue and white Hydrangea blooms. Select your tissue paper size.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


This beautiful fine art photography gallery wrap print features the view from a hill south of Cayuga Lake, the longest of central New York's glacial Finger Lakes. The city of Ithaca is located at the southern end. It is the perfect place to view this breathtaking sunset. The sky glows with brilliant colors of orange, pink, yellow, cream, blue and violet. Silhouetted hills line the eastern shore. A low lying branch dominates the foreground and frames this lovely scene.

This iPad Air 2 case depicts the energy of fire in a wood burning stove. The orange, gold and yellow flames appear as joyful dancing characters. They are set off by a black background.

Insomnia - Cat And Owl - Whimsical Black Cat Art Large Tote Bag

This cute shirt features two crossed banjos.

Easily personalize or remove the text on this striking birthday party guest book which features a geometric abstract pattern of five sided pentagon shaped mosaic tiles in brilliant autumn colors of red, orange, brown, yellow, gold and white.

Pumpkin Orange Dripping Wet Paint Horse T-Shirt

This contemporary fine art night light presents an abstract interpretation of the moon at night through the branches of a tree. The brilliant spectrum colors of white, yellow, orange, red, brown, pink, purple, magenta, blue and black give the illusion of a modern stained glass window pattern.

These leggings present a design of lovely Monarch Butterflies (Danaus plexippus) in colors of orange, yellow, gold, black, brown and white. The fabulous markings resemble an artistic abstract pattern. What a wonderful idea for an entomologist or butterfly enthusiast!

An Avery Binder 2" with a dash of polka dots in hues of glittery yellow and orange above and below a gold band with your choice of name in flowing script. Easy to customize. Add a name of your choice. Use the Customize It button to personalize the design further.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


This lovely gallery wrap print presents a typical winter scene: a sweet brown cottontail bunny rabbit with big ears is huddled under a pine tree seeking shelter from the snow storm.

This iPhone 7 case features a banjo set on an orange background.

A ceramic tile featuring a simple colored Celtic triquetra interlaced with a circle forming a trinitarian symbol against a wood background, representing spiritual unity with the divine.

This Zippo Lighter features a gentle brown white-tailed deer looking right out at you from his hiding place in the woods. His big ears are alert. The face has white markings around the eyes and nose. The image is set on a bronze gradient background.

Easily personalize or remove the text on this stunning birthday party guest book which presents an elegant old violin scroll.

American Honey Card: A Digital Painting of two newlyweds on the beach enjoying a romantic honeymoon sunset.

Perfect for Earth Day or any time you want to Think Green, this tote bag features an adorable red squirrel with brown and white fur huddled in the snow. The text reads: I love Mother Earth. It can be customized or removed.

This Mother's Day card features an elegant, sophisticated abstract design of brown grass on a bronze metallic background. The design is repeated inside. All text can be customized to suit your needs.

Best Friends Baby Chipmunks Mouse Pad

Monday, March 27, 2017


This gorgeous gallery wrap print features an abstract design of delicate pink poppy petals. The somniferum poppy is a fully double flower with hundreds of overlapping petals.

This striking iPhone 7 Plus case features a repeating pattern of an intricate abstract mandala image consisting of small swirling satin fabric folds in luminous shades of wine, purple and pink.

Gentle Pink Rose Blooms - Flower photography Desk Lamp

This lovely birthday party guest book features a circular frame of pink roses in an abstract pattern surrounding a central pink gradient oval. The reverse has more roses. All text can be customized for your special occasion.

Hearts, flowers, grass and doves set on a pure white background grace this whimsical, charming mug. With the simple word MOM it is perfect for Mother's Day, or any day. The text can be customized to suit your needs.

Worth the Wait Pink Trucker Hat

This lovely tote bag is presents an exquisite pink water lily lotus flower resting on circular green lily pads. Luminous golden water reflections glow between the pads of this lovely pond. Wonderful for a gardener or nature lover!

Delicate wild roses adorn this Mother's Day Card.

Customizable dark shirt with a flask full of red bubbling liquid with bubbles are shaped as hearts. A perfect T-shirt for a geek girl.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


This fine art gallery wrap print features the mirror image of mountains and trees reflected in a pond in the White Mountains of New Hampshire to form an abstract pattern of black, white and gray.

This case iPhone 7 case features a black and white silhouette modern abstract pattern of a Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis) perched on a bare branch high in a tree. This bird is actually a kind of small, gray and white sparrow.

Add a touch of nature and warmth to any room with this whimsical, wildlife-themed candle. Owls are such fascinating creatures. They are front page newsmakers, drawing the interest of birders, nature lovers, and just about everyone else who has a pulse. Snowy Owls are especially charismatic; the largest owls in North America only show up in Metro Vancouver every few years, and their appearance during our winters causes crowds of admirers and fans to form and flock. Based on the original photography of W.H. Sim. All Rights Reserved.

This elegant yet playful wedding guest book features an Asian motif of joyful dancing dragons in a simple color scheme of black and silver. All text can be customized for your special occasion.

Fun Black Cat Falling Down Custom Gift Bag

This shower curtain features a repeating abstract pattern of adorable African Penguins standing on a rocky ledge. They are aquatic, flightless birds whose wings have become flippers. Each has a black stripe and black spots on the chest. The pattern of spots is unique for every penguin, just like human fingerprints.

This gorgeous decorative throw pillow features two lovely pure white daffodils on a black background. The image is repeated on the back.

Steel Diamond plate panel light switch cover. Industrial steampunk machine design.