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Cardinal Poster by Bebops

Colors thrill my soul and enrich my life! I decided to create a blog featuring a different color every day. Using my original photographs and designs I have created so many colorful products for my online store, Bebop's Place, and want to share them here. I am also constantly amazed at the fantastic rainbow of products available from the rest of the Zazzle community and plan to showcase some of them as well. I am hoping viewers, in discovering this blog, will enjoy and possibly purchase some of these lovely items.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


This exquisite purple and yellow floral wrapped canvas print presents two Johnny Jump Up flower (Viola cornuta). Also known as Heart's Ease and Viola Tricolor, this lovely garden plant resembles pansies. A wonderful idea for gardeners!

Here is a fanciful design of pink and purple flowers set on a violet background on this cheerful floral wireless mouse. What a fun gift for gardeners!

The Drain, purple Photo Print

This colorful beach towel features a soft pastel rainbow abstract pattern of blue, purple, green and turquoise stripes.

Delicate purple crocus blossoms are the theme of this lovely floral 2018 calendar mousepad. Each mauve colored flower has a golden center to welcome the spring! They are set on a pastel lilac gradient.

Polka Dots and Pink Shimmer Wristlet

This beautiful piece of luggage features a lovely abstract floral purple, lilac and magenta mandala design. The colors swirl around a central blue star.

Lilacs are the theme of these elegant floral Mother of the Groom wedding flip flops with pink and mauve lilac flowers on a purple background. The text can be customized for your special occasion.

Purple Zebra,Leopard Girl Baby Shower Gift Bag

Friday, August 18, 2017


Our volatile political climate has produced strong, energetic action. The pages of this 2018 calendar present a sampling of the constructive movements that have sprung up as citizens speak out for the rights of everyone.

Easily personalize or remove the text on this striking birthday party guest book which features lots of colorful books. They form an interesting abstract geometrical pattern in colors of green, yellow, red, blue, black and pink.

Coneflowers Wild Flowers Montage Coffee Mug

This lovely floral 2018 calendar poster is a feast for the eyes! It features a colorful informal flower garden setting with pink and white snapdragons, nasturtiums in orange, yellow and red and one red poppy. The flowers are set off by a pale yellow gradient. The original photograph has been digitally enhanced to produce an impressionistic feeling. A great idea for gardeners and nature lovers!

This gorgeous iPad Air 2 case features an abstract 3-D pattern of rainbow crescent moons in colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple on a black background.

For get me Not Silver Plated Necklace

This Earth Day shirt features a young ruby-throated hummingbird asking the world to think green. He has not yet developed the ruby coloration on his throat. He is sitting on a metal bar, ready to dive into the nectar from the flowers surrounding him. The background is a soft, lovely palette of pink, red, gold, yellow and green. The text can be customized to suit your needs.

Advertise your business with this lovely fine art floral promotional company 2018 calendar mousepad. It is covered with masses of flowers in every color of the rainbow. Enjoy the yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, purple and white floral pattern set on a background of green leaves as you sit at your computer. When viewing this, one is reminded of a French Impressionist painting. All text can be customized.

On the front of this lovely card, a photo of the delicate flowers of a Nun's Orchid in vivid color. Available in 2 sizes, this card is blank inside for your writing, or click "customize it" to have your words printed.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


You can easily personalize or remove the text on this sweet 2018 calendar poster featuring an adorable brown bunny rabbit in the green grass with a sweet message: Make America kind again.

These cute leggings are decorated with a lively abstract pattern of green, gold, orange, blue, turquoise and white stripes.

Wishing Doesn't Make It So Square Sticker. Wishing Doesn't Make It So features the motivational words and a photo of a dandelion that's gone to seed and is waiting for someone to blow on it and make a wish.

This gorgeous 2018 calendar mousepad features a garden in the rain.

This beach towel features a repeating pattern of the incredible luna moth, a lime-green, Nearctic Saturniid moth in the subfamily Saturniinae. With a wingspan of up to four and a half inches, this lovely creature ranks as one of the largest moths in North America.

Bike action All-Over-Print shirt. Yeah, Whim rides a mountain bike.

Explore the colorful world of wildflowers with this 2018 floral wall calendar. Each page features exquisite photography of a different flower in colors of pink, blue, white, green and yellow. Included are: wild strawberry blossoms, hawkweed, asters, milkweed, dandelions, sweet woodruff, jacob's ladder, fleabane, pink clover, veronica, and pearly everlastings.

This pretty floral Quinceañera guest book is covered with masses of flowers in every color of the rainbow. Enjoy the yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, purple and white floral pattern set on a background of green leaves. When viewing this, one is reminded of a French Impressionist painting. All text can be customized for your very special occasion.

Apple Green Starburst Streaks Tie

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


This lovely 2018 nature calendar poster features sweet little lambs just three weeks old munching on grass.

This floral beach towel displays beautiful yellow and gold Black-eyed Susan flowers. Great for gardeners and nature lovers!

Our summery and sweet recipe binder design features your name or text of choice nestled in a crop of yellow watercolor lemons and vibrant green leaves. Makes a great bridal shower gift when filled with special recipes collected from guests!

Keep track of the date at your computer with this cool animal 2018 calendar mousepad. Its features beautiful golden brown horses in the yellow sun.

Blackbirds in a tree with yellow green leaves are the theme of this cheerful wedding guest book. You can easily personalize the text for your special occasion.

A crafty and homemade look artwork makes this folder extra special. The label can be customized, or delete the writing. You can also reposition the label or delete it too. Note: This is a graphic art reproduction and only looks handmade.

Autumn is that glorious time of year when nature's paintbrush goes wild! Be dazzled by the twelve months of beautiful fall foliage presented in this seasonal fine art photography 2018 wall calendar. Featured are autumn leaves floating on the pond, cattails, waterfalls, horses, a small child contemplating the season, a brilliant sunrise through the trees, rose hips ripe and waiting for winter birds, aspens, bales of harvested hay, a lovely park in Ithaca, New York, a rural country road and reflections on the water in every color of fall.

Easily personalize all text on this cute beer bottle label featuring an adorable brown, orange and white tabby cat dressed for the Christmas holiday season as Santa Claus in a red hat trimmed with white fur. Holly berries and green leaves complete the design. Whether your taste runs to lager, ale, stout, pilsner, weissbier, porter or wheat beers, whether you love home made, domestic or imported, this will be a beautiful label for your personal brew!

Funny Yellow Labrador Cartoon Bumper Sticker

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Easily personalize or remove the text on this cute, colorful and joyful 2018 calendar poster. It features a red, yellow, blue and green rooster. The text reads: Mr. Rooster Rules.

This simple yet decorative Zippo Lighter features a colorful retro abstract pattern of bold geometric stripes in colors of red, orange, brown, olive green, black and tan.

Poppies Dinner Plate. Designed based on the designer's watercolor illustration of red poppies.

This 2018 calendar mousepad features a red monkey on the branch of a tree with green leaves.

This seasonal 2018 fine art photography wall nature calendar features picturesque barns of rural New York State in every season. Here are some of the scenic country views: January winter with deep white snow, red barn and pure blue sky. February horses feasting on hay delivered by a farmer. A pond that has thawed in March displays last year's lily pads. An approaching April spring storm overshadows a gray barn with a stormy sky. A chicken house is covered with apple blossoms in May. A rusty roof protects an old wooden barn surrounded by June flowers. In July we see a barn with summer flowers in front of distant green hills. August has a huge red barn with wide lawn and puffy white clouds. Brilliant autumn colors of orange, yellow and brown are the backdrop for another huge red barn in September. The lovely fall foliage of distant hills surround a small country barn in October. November is a brown wooden barn and a dried corn field. December is snowy and cold with evergreen silhouettes against the stormy sky. Many of these photographs have been digitally enhanced to create an artistic mood.

NewparkLane - Colorful Paper Napkins, with an exotic Hawaiian Hibiscus flower in red, pink and orange. With 'Aloha!' in red script typography. Text can easily be altered and personalized in Zazzle & all text style, colors, sizes can be modified to fit your needs. A fun design for your summer bbq!

A bouquet of scarlet red tulip flowers and green leaves set on a pure black background grace this gorgeous floral birthday party guest book. Customize all text for your special occasion.

Here is a great beach towel which features brilliant crimson red cardinals in a row. They are truly the kings of backyard birds!

Red and Black Power Bike Mouse Pad

Monday, August 14, 2017


This seasonal fine art 2018 wall calendar presents 12 months of beautiful impressions in blue. Enjoy artistic landscapes and seascapes, floral designs, a duck floating in the water and fishermen on the lake. View pond reflections, a barn in the snow, an evergreen tree bent down after a snowstorm, a man enjoying his solitude, and colorful mountain pastures. Each season, summer, autumn, winter and spring is represented. Original paintings and photography by Anna Unterman and Julie Copenhagen. All rights reserved.

Easily personalize or remove the text on this gorgeous birthday party book which features a dramatic bouquet of dahlias in brilliant colors of deep red, orange, pink, yellow and gold against a pure blue sky.

#1 Lacrosse Coach (blue) Jumbo Mug

Easily personalize all text on this cool 2018 poster calendar. The safety pin has become a symbol of solidarity with refugees, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, people of color and any group who is feeling marginalized and has been the target of hate speech and racist attacks. Declare yourself an ally.

Here is a great beach towel which presents adorable African Penguins standing on a rocky ledge against a sky blue background. Penguins are aquatic, flightless birds whose wings have become flippers. Each has a black stripe and black spots on the chest. The pattern of spots is unique for every bird, just like human fingerprints

Brilliant Blue and White Polka Dots on Black All-Over-Print Tank Top

You can change or remove the text on this pretty iPad pro case which presents a soft pastel rainbow abstract pattern of blue, purple, green and turquoise stripes.

This fun 2018 calendar mousepad features red and white softballs surrounded by a blue background.

Here's the perfect poster for the music studio, the music teacher's wall, or for anyone who's completely into music. It will always be there for you at a glance! MUST BE SQUARE. Otherwise, design will be cut off.