Cardinal Poster
Cardinal Poster by Bebops

Colors thrill my soul and enrich my life! I decided to create a blog featuring a different color every day. Using my original photographs and designs I have created so many colorful products for my online store, Bebop's Place, and want to share them here. I am also constantly amazed at the fantastic rainbow of products available from the rest of the Zazzle community and plan to showcase some of them as well. I am hoping viewers, in discovering this blog, will enjoy and possibly purchase some of these lovely items.

Monday, March 16, 2015


This lovely pastel impressions Easter card creates an impressionistic scene of peace and serenity in soft pastel colors with floating leaves, pond grass and reflected sky. The image is repeated inside. The text can be customized to suit your needs.

This pretty throw pillow creates a colorful, whimsical spring mood. Birds are flying and are perched in the tree. Butterflies hover in the warm air. A duck waddles in the grass. A brown bunny looks on. There is even a tiny snail on the ground.The scene is set on a pale yellow gradient background. The image is repeated on the back.

If you're an animal when it comes to collecting or gifting your friends with motivational aphorisms, then you'll totally love and pawsitively adore our high-flying, fun and festive, multi-colored and celebratory Think Pawsitive Paw-shaped balloon bouquet tote bag .

This colorful artistic iPhone 6 case features an image of a contemporary abstract fabric pattern in wavy psychedelic rainbow colors of pink, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, mauve, purple and turquoise which resembles a painter's palette.

Funny dirty or clean dishwasher magnet

Here is a colorful wrapped canvas print with an abstract spiral rainbow pattern swirling around a central target in colours of green, blue, yellow, orange and red.

Brighten the room with this beautiful light switch covert featuring a collection of waterlily dahlia flowers in a colorful abstract pattern of red, orange, pink, yellow, white and mauve.

This gorgeous fractal design bandana explodes in gentle pink and then in glowing green, blue, red and orange which fades into deep darkness of space. It's a surreal and abstract representation of peacock feathers. These patterns are a mathematical function, a part of Mandelbrot set. They are both joyful and celebratory as well as mysterious, mystical and psychedelic. It's a celebration of colors. It is also a celebration of mathematics. It's hypnotic and mesmerizing. This Mandelbrot formula shows intricate details and beauty of the mathematics in all its glory. Fractals are perfect gifts for mathematicians and geeks as well as ravers and party-goers. Anyone who enjoys colors and trippy patterns will like this unique designs. Show off the artist inside you with this colorful, cute, funky and edgy designs. Perfect fun gifts for kids, young people and everybody that feels that way. Also perfect gifts for clubbers, ravers, partygoers, DJ's, musicians, producers and dancers. Great additiosn to rave outfit for fans of all flavours of electronic music, from jungle, drumandbass and techno to IDM and industrial.

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