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Cardinal Poster by Bebops

Colors thrill my soul and enrich my life! I decided to create a blog featuring a different color every day. Using my original photographs and designs I have created so many colorful products for my online store, Bebop's Place, and want to share them here. I am also constantly amazed at the fantastic rainbow of products available from the rest of the Zazzle community and plan to showcase some of them as well. I am hoping viewers, in discovering this blog, will enjoy and possibly purchase some of these lovely items.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


This fine art iPhone 6 case features a bouquet of scarlet red tulips and green leaves set on a pure black background. What a lovely gift for gardeners!

This artistic, decorative floral fabric design is decorated with a repeating abstract pattern of red roses on a pure black background.

The Memory of Trees Modern Abstract Landscape. A modernistic abstract style digital painting of trees against a cloudy red sky. All designs are copyright Tabitha Jones all rights reserved.

This exquisite fine art light switch cover features yellow and black Tiger Swallowtail butterflies on red and pink Calibrachoa flowers.

Cute Pug Puppy with single red rose on a blank card

This tote bag features a shelf of colorful books. They form an interesting abstract vertical geometrical pattern.

A cheerleader in a heart over a polka-dotted background.... This design is fun and full of energy - perfect for any cheerleader. The text is customizable so that you can add a name before you order!

This acrylic keychain features a ladybug, (Coccinellidae) also known as the ladybird, lady cow or lady beetle, with red, orange and yellow coloring and black spots. This insect is a famous friend of the gardener who feeds on aphids and other garden pests.

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