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Cardinal Poster by Bebops

Colors thrill my soul and enrich my life! I decided to create a blog featuring a different color every day. Using my original photographs and designs I have created so many colorful products for my online store, Bebop's Place, and want to share them here. I am also constantly amazed at the fantastic rainbow of products available from the rest of the Zazzle community and plan to showcase some of them as well. I am hoping viewers, in discovering this blog, will enjoy and possibly purchase some of these lovely items.

Friday, June 27, 2014


This Case-Mate iPhone case features a luminous abstract floral purple, lilac and magenta mandala design. The colors swirl around a central blue star.

Lovely lilacs are the theme of this cute floral Maid of Honor wedding hat with pink, purple and mauve lilac sprays. The text can be customized for your special occasion. Click LILAC WEDDING COLLECTION to view the entire collection.

This custom girly case features purple floral and swirl designs with a darker purple background. Great gift for the lady in your life.

This tote bag features an abstract glowing pink and pale yellow moon on a light purple textured background with a single strand of grass curving in front.

Pretty wallet style iPhone 5 case, with graphics of a purple daisy like flower against a purple and white striped background. Personalize the black script text to suit your needs. Makes a great gift idea.

This fine art photography travel poster features photography of one of the wonderful hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. A hiker has followed the Nancy Pond Trail all the way to the Norcross Pond outlet which affords spectacular views of the Pemigewasset Wilderness, Mt. Bond, the Twin Range and the Franconia Mountain Range. He has laid his hiking stick on the rocks and is resting on a large granite slab. He is wearing a red bandana and a lilac purple shirt which says: Support Jazz. The vista is magnificent with sky and mountains in a color range of blue, green and mauve.

Dots Dash Necklace in Magenta Lilac White

Purple crocus blossoms adorn front and back of this lovely bridal shower invitation. Each mauve flower has a golden center. Customize for your special occasion. Click PURPLE SPRING FLORAL to view the whole collection.

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